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Where did come from? sprang from the experience of SHIFT, makers of secure video sharing and collaboration software for the media and entertainment industry. Our customers were looking for better solutions to securely screen content for talent, reviewers and advertisers, and some asked us to create custom screening rooms for them.

For reviewers

Reviewers, pop culture writers and bloggers feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it takes to access pre-release content. Networks use a variety of ways to screen new episodes, from hard-copy DVD’s to in-house web sites that each require separate credentials, making keeping track of everything you need to review practically a full-time job. Navigating the content security hoops required by each network sometimes prevents reviewers from covering shows in time for publication.

It’s puzzling that at a time when world-class user experiences for on-demand content exist for consumers, tools for professionals haven’t kept up. seeks to change that by providing a platform that makes it easy for reviewers to securely view shows from multiple networks in a single place, with a single login, on any size of screen . We hope you support our cause to allow more great content to be reviewed by more great publications.

For Creators

Hundreds of tools exist to automate email marketing, direct traffic to websites, analyze visitor behavior, and track calls-to-action. But none of those are are made specifically for the unique challenges of content creators. Marketing shows and indie films is a tough job: Deliver content securely, engage busy reviewers, manage hundreds or thousands of user accounts, upload and manage shows, assign reviewers to new episodes and analyze engagement, all while attracting attention in an increasingly niche content market. is built to improve not only the user experience for reviewers, but to give content creators the right tools to create traction. As a complete platform, manages all aspects of video playback and security using state-of-the art SafeStream watermarking for video delivery, combined with a comprehensive set of tools for creating, inviting, and updating a growing audience of reviewers. Let us worry about the technology while you develop relationships with your press audience.